Roman Rouge – Nobody (Review)

R&B young singer songwriter Roman Rouge is from El Paso in Texas. Brought up with knowing the ins and outs of the music industry, Roman’s stuck with his first love throughout the years. After dropping his highly anticipated track “Nobody” August 7th, you can tell his influences just from his sound. The Weeknd and Majid Jordan play a big part of Roman’s inspirations and has helped him define what makes ‘him’. Creating a main theme throughout his music to put yourself first and not let your past experiences define you, “Nobody” tells the story of learning from your mistakes and moving on to become the best version of yourself. 

As a whole, it’s not as complex as thought. Produced by Beacon Hill (Khalid), the arrangement does feature a highly energetic bass and drum pattern. While contrasted to Roman’s soft vocal tone, the fiery soundscape of “Nobody” brings the structure of the song so much more closer. Up close and personal, the arrangement is intimate with room to make spacious gestures. Setting a moody tone within this dark adaption, Roman’s future is bright and I can see many successful collaborations his way too. Can you imagine a collab of Roman and The Weeknd?! Please happen!

Score: 3/5


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