Lucy & La Mer – Blue Dress (Review)

LA based indie project, Lucy LaForge aka Lucy & La Mer is known for her angelic, bright melodies. She will be releasing a new EP called “I Feel Better Now” this year, which will be followed by a summer tour in the US and a fall tour in Europe/UK. Back with “Blue Dress”, the single promotes bisexual visibility. Coated in a thick layer of Americana, the self discovery within the number is vibrant and ever so colourful. 

Telling a story about discovering who you really are, Lucy wrote the track in aid about realising her bisexuality and the first crush that began the journey. Fused with a happy aura, the heavenly number ignites a spark to fellow humans that this is completely real. There’s many people that still shrug the meaning LGBT off and believe it isn’t real, but Blue Dress indicates that it simply being human. This track will be a hit not only within the gay community, but the whole world. The purity and honesty in the arrangement is really something special.

Score: 3/5


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