Colour of the Jungle – Steel Tray (Review)

UK garage rock outfit Colour of the Jungle return with the highly anticipated ‘Steel Tray’. Captivating songwriting and a high level of energy, the quintet bring a raw yet polished sound to the atmosphere. Being the first single since heir debut EP The Jungle Book, the track narrates pushing through the hard times when feeling like the world is simply against you. 

Leaning towards more indie then garage, the brightly coloured guitar melodies swarm with confidence, as does the vocals. Infectious and left wanting more, the rock ’n’ sound the collective showcase is up and personal. Each member brings their own flavouring into the band and create a journey like no other. Taking inspiration from early Kings of Leon and The Growlers, Colour of the Jungle are another outfit that prove that Rock’N’Roll is never going to be over. 

Score: 3/5


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