T8PES – T8PES (Review)

T8PES is no stranger to MoggBlog after I reviewed his single “Hope & Pray” back in March of this year. Now returning with his first full feature length, the Birmingham based artist is causing a movement within the area. Mixing an alternative take on electronica but flavoured with a good dose of hip hop, Jimmy Davis aka T8PES features many collaborators within the self titled album.

Kicking of with ‘How Much Do You Want It’ starring Mike 110, there’s a classic club mix deep into the bones of this track. You could still hear something like this in Ibiza today. It’s underground 90’s goodness sticks with you until the end, and that genre definitely needed a revival. Still with the nostalgic feels of the previous track, ‘Flashback’ features Laura Jane and coats the arrangement with a contagious drum machine pulse. Vocals are complex but understandable, the beat is mesmerising and captures the essence of ‘longing for the old days’.

‘You Showed Me’ subjects around discovering the kind of love that transforms your world and what may lead after that. T8PES mentioned that many moons ago, he had people say that he sounds like The Streets and he didn’t really give them a chance. Some time passed and he listened to them. The Streets inspired the musical journey through this single. I must say though, he makes this completely original. With Luke Truth on vocals, the track is a strong contender so far. Featuring the lush vocals from Joy B, “Gotta Believe” has a more chilled vibe to it’s core, but still holds a nostalgic flashback to the old days. It’s a track that sounds like it would fit in a coming of age film that’s just beginning.

‘I Feel Good’ is a previous number that’s been released. This is probably the track that’s influenced by the most genres at once. It holds obviously the hip hop element close to the heart, but there’s world music vibes around the rhythmical structure. Polished with a wondrous production, this is one of the tracks that you’ll be dancing your pants off to live. ‘Not Ready to Say Goodbye’ holds a ‘keep your head up’ signal to it’s structure. Comforting the arrangement with strings and still keeping the electric beats alive, it’s optimistic. T8PES mentioned that this is track that took 12 months to make, but 37 years to experience. Featuring Ricardo Williams with a wonderful soul vocal line.

Over at MoggBlog, we already know about “Hope & Pray”. This wonderful track is one that is up there with being one of the best tracks on the album. For more about this song, click here. To finish off a fantastic debut album, “There’s Always Tomorrow” stars Leanne Louise. Ending the album with this positive note, it’s a friendly push into the future. It features a lot of pain but mainly a happy feeling. A summery number that will sit wonderfully on your playlist.

Score: 7/10

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/t8pes/ 
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/t8pes/

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