Cloe Wilder – Overthinking (Review)

Dark Pop has a new artist come to light… please welcome Cloe Wilder. Here with her debut single “Overthinking”, she’s armed with all the right aspects for a successful career ahead of her. At the young age of only 13 years old, she’s already gained a wide recognition. Drawing influence from fellow youngster Billie Eilish, Cloe’s debut track enchants through it’s deep message. 

With a personal message about mental health struggles, Overthinking is a track that I can definitely relate too. Instrumentally, the track is fairly simple and holds hands with a generic pop chord progression. It’s the powerful lyrics and message that makes the song a strong single. Closing in on the anxiety struggles that a lot of people will find relatable, the soft instrumentation is a comfort for the anxious thoughts. For a debut single, if Cloe’s career holds another bangers just like this one, we’re in for a right treat. Check out Cloe’s social media sites to stay up to date.

Score: 3.5/5


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