Neverlanded – F.U.U (Review)

Neverlanded FUU cover image

Even though Neverlanded’s debut EP dropped on April Fools day, this is no joking matter. Featuring four compelling tracks, they’re bringing Grunge back into the limelight after a long time in the shadows. Bringing a whole new definition to energy and an ‘electrifying’ atmosphere, the band are influenced by the grunge movement of the 90’s. Bands such as Nirvana, Hole, L7 and Placebo have been a big part of the band’s influence. Great songwriting abilities and bringing Grunge back? How could you not like this band?!

Kicking the EP off is “Brainsane”. Aggressive vocals, which are a core grunge element, finds it way to sounding modernised and more refreshed. Their ability to bring their own originality to the table but mixed with influences (everyone is influenced by others, that’s a fact) is fantastic. Second track ‘MesS.O.S’ may be my least favourite track on the EP because it feels like it’s trying too hard to fit into a specific genre. It feels a bit forced and the instruments seem rushed, but that’s just a personal preference to my own taste. 

‘This Friend of Mine” is delicate to begin with and half way though it decides to turn into this big extravaganza towards the end. Changing the arrangement around slightly to become this epic finale is how it became my personal favourite. It’s raw and drowns in the insecurity that grunge holds. Last but certainly not least is “Scream4icecream”. A previously released single and featuring as the EP’s goodbye, there’s an uneven effect on the vocals which adds a grit flavour to the ice cream sundae of attitude. It’s an explosive exit to a great debut for the trio. 

Score: 6.5/10

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