Standing Like Statues – Forest (Review)

Alternative Rock quintet Standing Like Statues are located in Cambridgeshire. Back with their first single after a short hiatus, the wait was definitely worth it. Bringing forward the highly anticipated “Forest”, we get to hear the band in a more mellow atmosphere. Known for energetic and adrenaline pumped live performances, the latest single features the band in a bubble of honesty.

Complimenting their sound with influences from bands such as Deaf Havana and Biffy Clyro, the collective showcase an emotional rollercoaster. Marking the maturity within the band, this new phase identifies the band’s development over the years. It sounds like they needed the hiatus to find their feet firmly on the ground again. “Forest” is a beautiful introduction to a band that we have simply missed. It deals with loving someone so much that you try to change yourself to fit their needs. As time marches on, you realise that sometimes it’s better to just let go. The track will be followed by a number of singles throughout the next coming months before the band head into the studio in September to record a 5 track EP.

Score: 3/5

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