Tally Spear – City Girl (Review)


After releasing her debut EP “Fade to White” in the spring of 2018, things started to change for Tally Spear. Taking some well needed time out to create more music and time to breathe, the songwriter is back with what may be her best produced track to date. Traveling on a route of self-development, the latest single “City Girl” deals with detachment and creating independence in the darkest of places.

Her older songs deal with a more folk-pop approach, but the new awakening for Tally has seen her music take a change too. Drawing influences from artists such as Sigrid and Alice Merton, ‘City Girl’ is highly produced but has a subtle Sheryl Crow style to it. Twanged with country-esque vocals from Tally, the memorable track will help you along your path of self-development. Simplistic arrangement complimented with an easy narrative. A lush perspective on what Tally’s rebirth felt like. It’s good to have her back. 

Score: 4/5



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