for KING & COUNTRY – joy. (Review)

burn the ships

Grammy nominees for KING & COUNTRY are really causing quite a stir with pop infused rock single “joy”. Taken off their third studio album ‘Burn the Ships’, the Australian but Nashville based siblings are enjoying the well deserved limelight. Premiering last month of Good Morning Sunday, it’s safe to say that the band’s UK following has shot up. I’ve heard nothing but great things about the band and am really looking to getting my teeth into the bones of the song. 

Choosing to be joyful at hard times can always be tricky, but the duo really implicate that once you’re in that joyful mind-set, the world is simply your oyster. Contagious and identifiable, the anthem sets round a juicy melody that will get you on your feet in no time. Counting over 22 million streams on Spotify, it’s no wonder this track has been nominated for a Grammy. With influences from what sounds like Imagine Dragons, the infectious groove that lays underneath the bones of the track got my foot tapping straight away. The band mark their territory and won’t be leaving your mind anytime soon. Accepting happiness and moving forward with only that emotion is a choice and after hearing this uplifting track, it will be the fresh new mindset for you. 

Score: 4/5

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