R G Acoustic – Political (Review)


Multi instrumentalist Robert Garbett has been writing music for numerous years as a therapeutic process with dealing with life issues. As a true songwriter, he writes his feelings down and portrays them exactly through the music. Taking influence from a whole string of genres, you really can hear the grunge side of Robert in his latest track “Political”. With elements of punk and it’s protest ability mixed with a simple but effective pop arrangement, it’s a track that will stop you in your tracks to listen. It’s lyric video and Soundcloud link is already live, but 10th April will see the track on all social platforms. 

Including an explicit topic and language, Robert’s pop punk twang vocals refer to ‘same s*** just different day”, the everyday struggle of political views that the world are dealing with right now may be the meaning behind this track. Sitting at only 2:46, the song is short but gets it’s point across straight away. IT feels like it lacks a strong connection through the vocals but Robert stated on his website that vocals have improved consistently and his song writing ability changes all the time. Unleashing his inner angst, Robert’s reassuring songwriting ability shows that things will be ok in the end. Political, but not in the way that it’s completely in your face, it has an ability for you to make your own mind up on the song. 

Score: 3/5






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