Janos – ZERO (Review)

Swedish born, London based artist Janos is back with his first release of 2019. Hoping to deliver a message through his music, strength is one of his main subjects to showcase. Latest single “ZERO”  identifies to not let the haters drag you down. After all, who needs that negativity in their life? Drawing inspiration from Bruno Mars for example, his latest releases have gone down a slightly different avenue. With flavouring towards Daft Punk and Anderson Paak, it’s written in the stars that Zero will make you jump up and dance.

Zero’s arrangement is coated with bright guitar melodies and contagious beats. The vocals suit the song for sure but they feel slightly forced. As a whole though, the track is energetic and creates a soundscape of world music. Loving the message that it delivers and positivity shines through every imperfection. Generating radio play, Janos deserves it. Great songwriting ability and the production really is something else. If you’re into electronic pop based tracks, Janos is right up your street. 

Score: 3/5



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