Rachaayluu – Honey (EP Review)

Debut EP from singer songwriter Rachaayluu dropped March 21st has been the talk of the town ever since it’s release. January saw the release of the single “Angel” and I was lucky enough to review it for MoggBlog. For fans of Charli XCX and female power, Rachaayluu’s EP will spiral you into a haze of love. First track “Crazy” is light on it’s feet with a spacious atmosphere. It’s about not having time for people who walk all over you and think they own you. Independency and strength lies within the track’s careless bones. As an arrangement, it’s pretty simple and features repetition. As for “Angel”, we’ve already covered it’s message and arrangement, but with another listen, it feels so much more than ‘angelic.’ Attitude is definitely at it’s most prominent when it’s coming from the heart, and Rach pours her heart out to the listeners.

“I Know You Don’t Want Me” is complete raw and stripped to it’s bones. In today’s music, we’re so used to hearing mainstream overproduced tracks, so taking a step back and listening to this euphoric track really is something else. Arrangement is fitted round a melodic bass line and vocals coated in a subtle reverb. It’s fragile and it’s imperfections make the song feel human. “Best of Me” takes us back to the upbeat aura the EP gives off. Featuring a bigger arrangement, it’s a fantastic way to end a cleverly put together EP. Excited to see where Rachaayluu’s music leads too. With her soulful voice and ability to write, the future is looking wonderful for the songwriter. 

Favourite Tracks: Crazy, Angel, I Know You Don’t Want Me

Score: 3/5


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