Kieran McMahon – Funny Old Life (Review)

Debut single for Kieran McMahon is due for release 1st March. Here at MoggBlog, we’re getting an exclusive into the depth’s of the track “Funny Old Life.” With a ‘rebirth’, Kieran McMahon plays in an indie rock and roll band called Scruffy Pups, now taking things in a Paul Weller stride (solo), the debut track welcomes you with warming arms to his new world. Circulating influences from artists such as Simon & Garfunkel, Jake Bugg and Squeeze, the indie folk artist is sure to make you cherish your life more than you originally thought. 

Indie-esque vocals from Kieran remind me slightly of James Blunt’s quirky voice, but far more delicate and with an original twang. Kieran mentioned that the song is about ‘the uncertainty of leaving behind what you hold dear and venturing onto new territory whatever it may be as well as the unpredictability and beauty of life itself.’ With the single being released next month, it’s in preparation for a 4 track EP which will be released shortly after. Keep your eyes out on Kieran’s social media (links below) to find out release date and to pre-save the exceptional track’s. Recorded and produced by Forbes Coleman at Audio Beach Studios, the tracks features musicians; Samm Webb (on drums) and Rob Davies (on piano). The delicate singer songwriter arrangement generates a smile, and to live life to the full. Life is too short and Kieran really portraits that with this single. Seriously, go out, live to the fullest, listen to Kieran’s gracious music and don’t forget to smile 😊

Score: 3.5/5

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