Papaphone ft Poppy Fardell – Through the Fields of Wheat (Review)

Singer songwriter, Russell Perkins who goes under the stage name of Papaphone compliments the acoustic world perfectly. With appearing on Talk Sport & playing at festivals such as Glastonbury, it’s always great to hear artists getting the recognition that they deserve. Believing that music should be about feelings and beliefs instead of what you look like and money, it shows that he really does live for this. Hoping that people can relate and empathise with the songs, Papaphone hopes for a connection with fans. If you’ve not come across Papaphone before, you’re in for a treat with latest single featuring “Through the Fields of What” featuring Poppy Fardell due for release later this month.

Beautifully arranged, this folk anthem doesn’t feature a prominent chorus. Making the song’s structure and versatility stronger, the pop orientated track is heart wrenching and tells a story of a daughter running away from home. The instrumentation plays a big part of the song, and main instrument being the strong kick drum that features, making it feel uplifting through the sad story. Wonderfully gelled harmonies blend together with Poppy’s vocals sliding through the gaps and making the track feel comforting. To keep up to date with both artists, links below to their social media. 

Score: 3.5/5

Papaphone links


Poppy links

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