Future Fires – Keep A Secret (Review)

Four-piece indie rock band from Birmingham, Future Fires are full of energy and are ready for anything. Formed in 2017 and serving a wide range of shows across the country, they released their latest single “Keep A Secret” back in October. With drawing influences from The Editors, The Subways and The Killers to name a few, this is a band that you’d be dancing to at big festivals in no time. They call themselves a ‘dark indie’ band and you can tell that from the latest single. It’s moody and something that you wouldn’t expect from an indie group. 

“Keep A Secret” is about trust and not breaking down that barrier. It’s tense and at any moment, you feel that the worst is going to happen. The darkness on the subject of the track is lightened with the wonderful arrangement soaking it all around. With vocals reminding me of early Miles Kane, Adam’s vocals compliments the song perfectly. The instrumentation takes us back to the early noughties of the Arctic Monkeys and Bloc Party era that we all long for to come back. Future Fires are creating the airwaves of what is now 2019, to become nostalgic and longing for the old days. For a band that haven’t been around for that long, they are creating a strong fan base and have definitely got an exciting journey ahead of them.

Score: 3.5/5



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