Not Now Norman – Little Frankenstein

Berwick-upon-Tweed based outfit Not Now Norman are the powerhouse quartet you need in your life. Fronted by exceptional vocalist Taylor-Grace Mitchell, Not Now Norman release their exhilarating new single ‘Little Frankenstein’. A fiery single with layers of momentum, elevating riffs and hard-hitting drums, their new anthem is like Iron Maiden in their youth.

Discussing the meaning behind the song, Taylor reveals: “I have a rare bone condition, Hereditary Multiple Exostoses, where benign bone tumours grow on joints and growth plates. The only treatment is painkillers, physiotherapy & surgery. When I was little another kid called me ‘Frankenstein’. It hurt, but kids can be cruel sometimes when they come across something that they don’t understand. I knew no one else with it, which can feel very alienating when you’re growing up. Over time, it became difficult to feel confident in my abilities. Little Frankenstein was a huge release of all the sadness, anxiety and anger that I had bottled up for so long”.

“Little Frankenstein” is for fans of The Pretty Reckless, Halestorm and Foo Fighters, and showcases that rock is far from over, it just has a fresh new face

Photo Credit: Paul Murray Media


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