Kieran – I Don’t Want To

Self-taught artist Kieran may only be at the start of his journey, but he’s certainly got a bright future ahead. A promising start to, what seems like, an impressive career ahead, Kieran is a singer-songwriter and guitarist that draws inspiration from the likes of Nirvana and Fontaines DC. Growing up with music being a strong factor of his life, Kieran’s first single “I Don’t Want To” pays ode to all of his influences in one place.

Sharing his thoughts on the track, Kieran explains, “my first single, I Don’t Want To, is a song I wrote about a breakup I went through. I made the song to express my emotions about the situation, with loud electric guitar expressing the thoughts in my head and drums being the friendly advice of my friends and family. The music means a lot to me as it’s the way I help myself out of dark places, writing music is one of the few things that picks me up and makes me feel better again. I had to create this track as part of my BTEC Music Technology course where we have to follow the process of being an independent artist and promote our tracks, but I plan on releasing much more in the future.

A grunge infused single that even incorporates noise-rock into it’s mix, ‘I Don’t Want To’ is heavy and in places, infuses metal sensibilities. ‘I Don’t Want To’ is a great first single from a promising new artists.

You can follow Kieran on his Facebook page here.

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