The Scaramanga Six – Horse With No Face

Released at the end of July, ‘Horse With No Face‘ is the immersive new release from The Scaramanga Six. Taken from their highly anticipated tenth album ‘Worthless Music’, the forthcoming release is being released on their self-owned label Wrath Records on December 3rd. Ā 

Now consisting of the infamousĀ Morricone brothersĀ alongsideĀ Julia ArnezĀ andĀ Gareth Champion,Ā the phobo-billy four-piece have scratched and writhed at the UK’s underground band circuit since 1995, almost toppling its very foundations with a staunchly DIY approach.

Sounding somewhere between garage rock and post-punk, ‘Horse With No Face’ refuses to be limited to one specific niche and that’s what makes me love it even more. Visually, the music video is psychedelic and vibrant. Created and directed by Greig AR Johnson, the visuals were further shot by Paul Morricone and Andre Whitbourn.

Stream and view the eccentric new release below.

You can find The Scaramanga Six on Facebook.

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