Grace Calver – my life and its disasters

This EP is two days old, but it already feels like Grace’s best work to date. Grace Calver might only be 19 years old but she’s already paving the way to becoming a star. Writing tongue-in-cheek indie-pop songs with lyrics that hopes to be relatable and entertaining, Grace’s music is best described as coming-of-age and covers familiar ground we’ve all walked upon.

Grace’s new EP ‘my life and its disasters’ consists of five tracks featuring three previously released singles and two brand new songs. The first song is the ever-so-relatable number ‘Zombie Conversations’ which became Grace’s ground-breaking song. ‘Bored Of U‘ is the second song, written about someone who upset Grace. One of my personal favourites lies in the form of ‘Read Your Mind’ – the first of her new tracks. Grace says: “It is about getting mixed signals from the person you’re dating and how it would be good to know what they’re thinking. Or would it? I wrote this song after being on a date with someone who got a text from their ex whilst we were out! They replied as well! There was surprisingly no second date and the reference made it to these lyrics.”

Other songs on the EP are “Addicted“, a track about infatuation, and “For Dead’, which details those missed opportunities we’ve all had. You can hear on the release influences from the likes of Beabadoobee, Fall Out Boy, Declan McKenna, and The Cure, yet Grace always stays true to her art.

I’m excited to see where this young artist takes her music next.

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