Minx and Dusal – Who Knows

Emerging duo Minx and Dusal are back with vivid, euphoric single ‘Who Knows‘. Bathed with a glowing, summer feel, the track shimmers with jazz piano melodies, distinctive vocal harmonies and playful lyricism. A promising release for the exciting new duo, Minx and Dusal create a refreshing soundscape straight off the mark.

Minx says of the track:  “It’s very much based on personal experience, love, loss and ridiculous men. My love of strong women in Disco and 90s hip-hop is apparent in my vocal stylings. Taking leaves out of the books of artists such as Fonda Rae, Cheryl Lynn, Lil Kim and Bahamadia.”

Dusal adds: “The music is an ecclectic mix of many of the styles I love. There’s elements from Tropical House, Afroswing, Jazz and Classical genres. I think after studying many forms of music for the best part of 15 years I might as well use them all.”

Instantly leaving your head bobbing along to its addictive soundscape, ‘Who Knows’ escapes modern watered day pop music with vengeance. Weaving through different genres, this is a sleazy offering that refuses to be told what to do.

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