Honeyflux – Hourglass

Released at the beginning of July, ‘Hourglass’ is the second single from Newcastle alternative rock band Honeyflux. Continuing the exciting momentum with their second offering to date, Honeyflux are clearly stating they mean business with the indie offering. Telling the story of change but presented in an indirect way, the track is a groovy offering with a thoughtful arrangement.

Speaking about the release, Joe of Honeyflux shares, “When I first moved to Newcastle, I found myself in a situation in which I didn’t know many people; my career had not yet started to gather any speed and my family all lived hundreds of miles away. What I did have, however, was my partner (now wife) who consistently kept me grounded through a very unstable time. I wrote ‘Hourglass’ within this period as a way of relieving myself of the stresses of uncertainty. I was conveying my feelings of standing on a cliff edge, staring into the unknown whilst I waited for my life up north to start.

Wording it (and most of my lyrics) abstractly with lots of imagery helps me convey my thoughts in a way that’s cohesive to me. I’m dyslexic and ultimately have more thoughts in images as opposed to words, so painting a strong image in our listeners’ imaginations helps me feel connected to the people who have been kind enough to listen to us.”

Hourglass stole my attention that much, I added it straight to MoggBlog ‘Pretty Indie’ playlist here. Remarkably original, ‘Hourglass’ will go down in history as the track that stated Honeyflux are destined for stardom.

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