Michelle Fabre – Laugh Laugh Laugh

Eclectic pop artist Michelle Fabre unleashes her new single ‘Laugh Laugh Laugh‘. Released at the beginning of June, the track was producer by the songwriter’s father. Utilising dance instrumentation and pop beats to convey its hectic story, ‘Laugh Laugh Laugh’ is a refreshing single that could easily sell commercially.

Michelle is no stranger to the studio. She’s been singing since 4 years old on her first national commercial for Eskimo Pie. Other national spots include Zwinky Cuties, Sam’s Club, Hertz Corporation and Nu Skin. Michelle has been working on her own album, titled Find Your Fire, and released 6 singles on the it so far: “I’m Comin’ Out,” “Find Your Fire,” “Talk to Me,” “Protect Your Heart,” “Give You Back Yourself” and “Stay Tuned.”

About the song, Michelle says, “It’s about two people who are planning to meet for a date but end up meeting at the wrong place. What it means to me is to not assume the worst right away because you’re most likely wrong and things can work out better in the end. It also means to laugh it off. There’s a lot of negativity in this world and everyone always needs a good laugh.”

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