Amava – Jungle

Emerging pop artist Amava returned June 4th with inspiring new single, ‘Jungle‘. Showcasing her wilder side, Amava is clearly stating she’s an artist to watch. A complex soundscape that infuses synth-pop sensibilities with trap-esque beats, ‘Jungle’ is fuelled with blissful moments of pure character. Drawing inspiration from pop icons such as Charli XCX, Phoebe Bridgers and Lorde, Amava states, “music is the one place I could always go that was mine and online mine, my safe place and my home”.

About the song, Amava says, “Jungle is about “the empowering space between ending a relationship and falling into someone new. I didn’t want to write a “this person was terrible and I’m gonna be with someone better than you” kind of song because not all relationships end horribly and need some sort of chaotic, upswing rebound. I didn’t want to write a break-up song, I wanted to write about feeling alright wanting someone new.”

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