Evan Isaac – Headed for the Sun

Delivering an alternative soundscape that bends the boundaries of multiple genres, ‘Headed for the Sun’ is the brand new single from rising artist Evan Isaac. Electrifying from the first note, Evan’s soaring vocals will steal your attention immediately. Presenting an ebb and flow of chilled energy, interwoven with an uplifting sense of euphoria through Evan’s lyricism, ‘Headed for the Sun’ is a quirky offering.

Speaking about his new single, Evan reveals: “This song began from a reversed organ track. A nice kick drum and percussive elements were then added. The mandolin line really made the track feel full. The lyrics are ultimately about the process of learning to love and respect yourself after experiencing many obstacles and knowing that the best lies ahead of you. Feeling at peace and love with everything. The track was mixed by Sidharth Gupta of Shoals who I collaborated on my last song with.”

Instrumentally golden, ‘Headed for the Sun’ is innovative and enchanting.

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