Georgia & the Vintage Youth – Colour Blind

Not letting lockdown get in the way of releasing new music, Georgia & the Vintage Youth require your full attention with vivid new single ‘Colour Blind‘. Telling a deeply personal story of handling the highs and lows that live performance brings, the track nudges the late but great Janis Joplin, Marc Bolan and Amy Winehouse. A passionate ballad about coming to terms with and addressing mental health struggles, this anthem comes in a time of desperation for the world.

Speaking about the exceptional single, Georgia shares, “Colour Blind is about not feeling happy or sad, it’s about feeling nothing and it’s quite difficult to write about nothingness. I likened a lot of my feelings to concepts like black and white films, grey skies and the loneliness you can feel when a gig is over – “I’ve always liked films in monochrome but living life in black and white is dull.” The song is about acknowledging that you’re not really ok but then brushing it off so that nobody notices. Not addressing or talking about your struggles, which is quite damaging. The first verse ends with, “I know I’ll be fine”, the second, “I’m sure I’ll be fine”, the third, “I hope I’ll be fine.”

“Colour Blind” is out now and is best described as beautiful.

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