The Nūes – Revolution

The Nūes (pronounced the news) stand for everything right in the world. An inspiring and potent message, driven by an unforgettable backstory of hope and perseverance, has led this artist to be a strong, empowering role model. Back with his second single of the year, the message behind “Revolution” is vivid from its first note. Walking alongside a stunning music video that takes the track to a new level, the visuals address the ongoing issues of racism which have been highlighted over this past year since the loss of George Floyd.

An emotional journey that comes across as intimate, up close and personal and passionate, The Nūes is speaking the truth many people around the world are feeling. Stating he’s only just getting started, this is an artist that you should hold close to your heart, and is going to be the voice of a generation.

You can follow The Nūes on Facebook, Instagram and on his Website.

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