Loose Puppet – Living In a World Postponed

Summer has come early in Loose Puppet’s latest single ‘Living In a World Postponed’. Shimmering with a radiant glow, this is a high-spirited number that the world desperately needs. Acting as a sort of light at the end of the tunnel for millions across the world, the up-lifting number is sun-soaked number with addictive indie-pop sensibilities.

“Living In A World Postponed was written in 2020 as a reflection of the year that had gone by” Loose Puppets explains. “As the world looks to come back to some sense of normality, the song now symbolises the end of a short and strange era in everyone’s life”.

With plenty of happy vibes to go around, ‘Living In a World Postponed’ is a youthful number equipped with heartwarming lyricism and sprightly acoustic guitar motifs.

Giving insight to forthcoming releases in the pipeline, this is an artist that needs to be in your music collection.

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