Conrad Ashton – Those Were The Days

Conrad Ashton reimagines previous acoustic single ‘Those Were The Days‘ in latest single. A full-band recording that reminisces on the past, this is a track we can all relate to in some way. It must be something about tracks with ‘Those Were The Days’ as titles that makes them instant classics, because this one is already cementing legendary status. Bringing you up to speed, Conrad Ashton draws influences from legends such as The Who, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and Elvis, so its fair to say he’s been brought up with the right music in mind.

“Those Were The Days” infuses passion and sincerity throughout, leaving it another distinctive Conrad Ashton track. Adding his side of what the tracks about, Conrad states, “basically its about reminiscing on the past and been strong with those around you going forward nothing too heavy!

Gaining previous support from CLASH, BBC Radio Leeds and beyond, Conrad Ashton is a mesmerising musician that deserves your full attention.

You can follow Conrad Ashton on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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