Tom Bright – How Young We Were

Rising star Tom Bright releases hotly anticipated follow-up to previous single ‘Legacy’. Titled ‘How Young We Were‘, this mature release is minimalistic yet still evolving from Tom’s previous releases. Creating a soundscape mixed with acoustic elements and droning synthesisers, it’s Tom’s impeccable vocal performances that steals the show. Driven by personality and a sense of emotion, Gita Langley (Elbow, The Streets) features on the track with an enchanting violin part.

On the single, Tom says “I wrote this track for a friend of mine who was going through a break-up of a 13 or 14 year relationship. I could see he was swaying a bit, so I took it to the guitar one day and this gushed out. It’s sang from the eyes of your older/wiser self, opening up the boxes covered in dust, containing your memories of “many moons ago”. It’s a positive, uplifting song about a love that was full of great days and a relationship that, despite it coming to an end, set two good people off on their different paths. It’s a way of saying: “you know what – thank you for those days and I hope you’re well!”.

One of the most uplifting, emotive songs you’ll hear this week, ‘How Young We Were’ is a track for the heartbroken.

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