Interview with InHibit

I caught up with Brussels based alternative rock songwriter InHibit to chat about his recent release, what his writing process is like, and what’s in store for the rest of the year.

What’s your writing process like? Do you write the music or lyrics first?

I don’t have one single writing process.  Taking the example of my EP Blinded, I first wrote the lyrics for The Quest before thinking about the whole music, although I already had the intro riffs in my mind for a decade. I remember it distinctly because the writing process was a bit special as I created the song while I was driving on my motorbike.  But for other songs like Shame on Humans, I can’t even remember whether the lyrics or the music came first.  I like to write when I’m tired or in a daze.  And I can write several songs in one day or night just like I can spend months working on one.

What’s in store for you for the rest of the year?

I’m now moving forwards to releasing some singles before the album.  And I hope I’ll be able to start performing live.

Tell MoggBlog viewers about your latest release! What’s the inspiration behind that?

As always, I don’t see a unique inspiration behind my songs.  But many people heard a Foo Fighters influence with my latest song Shame On Humans so I could go with that. I guess there’s also some AC/DC, Rage Against The Machine or Trust inspiration to be found in it.

If you could collaborate with anyone dead or alive, who would it be?

I already answered that question a couple of times and I’ll stick with what I previously said.  Among the dead artists, there are many I would have loved to collaborate with so I’m not even going to start listing them.  But I’d also love to collaborate with Kyo’s Benoît Poher as I have listened to their music for so many hours when I was a kid.  And I still love it.

What made you decide that music is the right path for you?

I didn’t really decide it, it just came.  It’s in my opinion, with some other forms of art as well, the best way to express one’s opinion, to shout out feelings, frustrations as well as sending messages.  It’s not the most rewarding choice of life for sure, but it’s the one I went for.

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