Dora Lachaise – I Confess

Dora Lachaise has crafted a beautifully written and produced work of art with her latest release. ‘I Confess‘ is an electronic-tinged ballad with elements of Kate Bush and Evanescence, accompanied by a high-art visual. The video shows Dora in surrealist-inspired poses with the theme of mirrors throughout.

Indeed, Dora picked her pseudonym to honour Dora Maar, a French surrealist photographer. “For a long time, she was remembered as one of Picasso’s muses,” Dora says. “But she was so much more than that – her photography was experimental and conceptual. There’s mystery; it makes you think. That’s what I’m aiming for in my music as well.”

Dora produces her music herself. “I’ve been diving into production possibilities over the past year. I love trying out instruments and effects; having control over the final sound and atmosphere of a track.”

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