Swimmers – Blow

London based duo Swimmers release playful new single ‘Blow‘, and it’s making everyone excited for the warm weather to come. Sizzling with shimmer synthesisers, modulated organ and dashes of cowbell in the mix, this single is bathed in juicy rhythms, ready to steal your heart. Genre-bending and coated with a bold chorus laced with innuendos, Swimmers aren’t afraid to raise eyebrows. “Blow.. is an uplifting song” Swimmers explain. “It can be taken in many different ways but for us it’s about sex and freedom, the intensity of lust and just surrendering to your desires”.

Consisting of Irish singer Rosalee O’Connell and Portuguese producer Luis Correia, Swimmers are a two-piece outfit bringing the nostalgic period of the noughties back to the mainstream industry. Describing their decision to join forces, they elaborate, “We started writing together whilst locked down in separate countries, as a way to escape. There was a lot of back & forth in the first few months as we found our feet as Swimmers. Firstly, we just love catchy melodies and we like to describe our sound as addictive, textured electronics wrapped around ethereal vocals; we’ve developed these facets into our distinctive alt pop music”.

“Blow” is taken from their newly released EP of the same name, and it’s electronic music at it’s finest.

You can follow Swimmers on Facebook and Instagram.

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