Kid Apollo – Shameless

Derry, Ireland based solo artist Kid Apollo is best described as a one man band. Writing, recording and producing all his music from his laptop, this icon blends many genres together to create his signature sound. Returning at the end of February with delicate single, ‘Shameless‘, it doesn’t matter how many tracks Kid Apollo releases, they’ll always be completely different from previous music. Driven by contagious melodies that will live in your head for days after listening, ‘Shameless’ floats as free as bird searching for its next adventure.

Detailing his thoughts on the track, Kid Apollo states, “the track is a downtempo, reflective, laid-back song with chilled vibes and lyrics that speak about reminiscing on bygone days when we could head out with friends and have messy nights out.

Prominently an acoustic track that flows freely through hip-hop beats and ethereal synths, ‘Shameless’ could easily grab hold of the hearts of Damon Albarn’s and Sufjan Stevens’ fans. Destined to leave you speechless from it’s extroverted nature, ‘Shameless’ takes Kid Apollo’s songwriting to the next level.

To keep up to date with Kid Apollo’s journey, you can follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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