Ci Majr – Summer Drug

I get sent hundreds of submissions a week, and as soon as I heard ‘Summer Drug‘, I knew it was something I had to cover. Atlanta-based singer songwriter and producer Ci Majr releases the irresistible single ‘Summer Drug’, an indie-pop bop destined to leave you dancing around with it’s euphoric nature. An introspective single about being emotionally unavailable after a break up but still yearning for physical intimacy and closeness again, the track is relatable to thousands across the globe.

Talking about the inspiration behind the track, Ci Majr mentions, “Lyrically the inspiration was being in a place where you basically refuse to make yourself romantically vulnerable even though you’ve met a person who has boyfriend/girlfriend potential. I think a lot of us have been in a place where we’ve been hurt from a relationship and have a hard time opening up again, so even when a good thing comes around you keep them at an arm’s length to keep yourself from getting hurt. So this song is saying ‘yes, you can absolutely satisfy my physical needs but we’re not taking it further than that’; likening ‘using’ someone for their body just like you’d use a drug of some sort.”

“Summer Drug” is a warm number longing for those summer nights when you can stick this on repeat during a socially distanced BBQ. Entirely playful and glistening with pop sensibilities, the up-lifting single is bathed in optimism and hope that things will start healing for the world, and we can reunite once more.

You can find Ci Majr over on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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