Mulay – Antracyte

Emerging R&B star Mulay releases highly anticipated debut EP ‘Antracyte‘ via Groenland Records. A work of art sent from heaven, the five track EP reflects on the darker side of modern life as we know it, shattered self portrait, morality and acceptance of being a human, making the themes within ‘Antracyte’ utterly breathtaking. Mastered by Matt Colton (Muse, James Blake, George Michael, Hot Chip, Flume), the releases has already gained support from the likes of Clash, Colors, Girls are Awesome and Acid Stag.

Talking about using music as a sort of escapsim, Mulay mentions, “Writing is my therapy and in expressing myself, I translate raw, real, and often complicated emotion into art in as many dimensions as possible; film, music, movement and live performance. I want to create an alternate world that takes people on a journey through the depths of my mind, one that will end up serving as a surface for people on the outside to reflect upon themselves.”

Spine-tingling and leaving goosebumps across your body, ‘Antracyte’ is gripping experience best played loud. An intimate journey that showcases this artist getting personal with her music, Mulay is someone I’ll definitely be keeping on my playlist.

You can follow Mulay over on Facebook and Instagram.

Photo credit: Gianna Shamone

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