The Donaghys – Don’t Mind Me

Manchester trio The Donaghys release indie-rock fused EP ‘Don’t Mind Me‘. Comprised of 5 golden tracks, ready for your ears to taste on, ‘Don’t Mind Me’ sounds like the lovechild of The Killers and Oasis. Indie heaven with a splash of attitude, the EP is constructed with personality and talent. Title track ‘Don’t Mind Me’ is an energetic number that comes across as confident and able to stand it’s ground.

The band describe the track as “a hymn to defiance in the face of adversity. The message in this song is about not only acknowledging your failings but wearing them as a badge of honour in the fight to make yourself a better individual, day by day, even when life is at its bleakest.”

A clear statement that The Donaghys are ready for whatever’s around the corner for them, ‘Don’t Mind Me’ features one of the band’s most assured performances to date.


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