DOMI – Someone New

Prague based quintet DOMI’s latest single ‘Someone New‘ was released at the end of September 2020. Recorded throughout the lockdown period with help of producer Frankie Harper, the electro-pop anthem explores the difficulty of falling out of love and the process of ending a relationship that’s gone sour.

Speaking on the track, Lead Singer Dominika explains: ‘I’ve experienced toxic relationships and witnessed friends who have experienced the same. You end up brushing things under the carpet because you think you’re completely in love with that person. ‘Someone New’ is about how difficult it is to end a relationship with someone when you’re in that situation, deep down you know it’s the right decision but its so difficult to part with that person because of how you’re feeling.

In a way this song is me telling that other person to fall in love with someone new, that way I don’t have to break their heart. It makes the decision for you and is an easy way out of something you might be torn between. I think a lot of people find relationships and love so confusing so I wanted to write about something I can relate too but that I think a lot of others will relate to as well.”

“Someone New” blends a mature soundscape fuelled by pop, R&B and alternative sensibilities. The band’s fourth single maintains their stunning sound while looking forward to future releases.


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