The Horse Puppets – Until Next Year

Keeping fans sane throughout lockdown, The Horse Puppets took to live-streaming during the first lockdown and haven’t looked back. Known as a 7 piece band, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, front singers Paul and Helen Bytheway are steering the reins during these uneasy times. Recorded as a duo at their home studio in Manchester, and with pedal steel guitarist Chris Hillman, ‘Until Next Year‘ is the latest adventure for The Horse Puppets, and ventures into the Christmas period with ease.

About not being together this Christmas, Helen mentioned, “the line ‘Until Next Year’ is like a toast, you clink glasses together to say cheers, don’t dwell on it, bring on next year! This song is centred around that idea, except the chinking of glasses needs to be on zoom …. which isn’t quite the same!!’

A spacious track with a sentimental message, this new direction from The Horse Puppets is stunning and showcases true beauty. A band who I’ve been following for a while, The Horse Puppets have definitely made this year a lot more manageable for me with their exquisite live-stream show.


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