The Bland – La Hata Vitoye

Stockholm based quintet The Bland’s ‘La Hata Vitoye‘ tells the romantic story of an imaginary bar and town with the same name as the outfit. Coated in a latin/afro-pop influence, if this track doesn’t get you dancing, who knows what will.

Axel Öberg, singer-songwriter from The Bland mentioned, “When we were on tour in Germany last February, we heard about the first Corona cases. Over the next few months, as a practicing doctor in Sweden, I saw how social isolation harmed people. With La Hata Vitoye we want to try to look at life differently again, to come together and share a positive attitude towards life. This place called La Hata Vitoye, which we are talking about, will become a real actual place at our own festivals next summer. And we can’t wait to meet as many as possible there. If the situation permits.”

A thrilling release with a feel-good nature, ‘La Hata Vitoye’ will especially be a hit when played live at festivals, whenever that day will be.


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