MoggBlog’s Monday Magic #28

Pylon Heights – The Bridge

Pylon Heights don’t follow any typical rulebook. Influenced by sounds from different eras, they’re known for creating music without a definite label. Back with their fourth release of the year, ‘The Bridge‘ dives through a indie pop conscious while looking straight into the eyes of dance music. Comprising of Chris on guitar, Heather on vocals and multi-instrumentalist Jon, the trio’s chemistry on stage is something the industry needs more of. Influenced by the likes of The National, Public Service Broadcasting and Bombay Bicycle Club to name a few, ‘The Bridge’ crosses, what feels like, ground that’s hardly been touched in the industry.

On their release, Pylon Heights stated, “The Bridge is a song of two halves, intertwined – written separately by Jon and Chris, about two very different university experiences.” Relatable to students all across the UK, the track was mixed and mastered at Solid Stage Logic HQ in Oxfordshire. Coated in angelic synths, desirable harmonies and uplifting instrumentation, this is a track you need to stick on repeat to defeat those Monday blues. Released alongside a dance remix, Pylon Heights showcase their versatility in ‘The Bridge’, and like a bridge over troubled water, the water being the current state of the world, Pylon Heights feel like saviours.


joe valentine – bad


Released November 10th, ‘bad‘ is joe valentine’s third single of the year. Electro-pop at it’s finest, joe valentine’s new dark-pop anthem is the third of seven singles off joe’s upcoming debut album ‘paradise’. Based in LA, joe valentine is proving that he’s an exciting artist to keep an eye out for. Tipped to become the next big thing in the pop industry, the exhilarating new release ‘bad’ is bathed in hypnotic rhythms, a danceable bass line and one hell of a vocal. Another showcase of something to tick on to get rid of those Monday blues, ‘bad’ is destined to make you move.

joe quotes, “I wrote “bad” in the dark. It’s the sexy dark pop banger I’ve bottled up since I hit puberty as an awkward ginger kid in the suburbs. It’s raw and in your face, a surrender of innocence.” A glistening pop number that feels like it should be played on all the commercial pop stations across the globe. If this track doesn’t get the recognition it deserves, we riot. With the instrumentation feeling nostalgic in parts from it’s 80s influenced aura, the electro-pop track resonates with today’s chart music perfectly. Fun-loving and polished, the production is simply irresistible.


The Kid and I – White Feather

The Kid and I storms onto the scene with debut release ‘White Feather‘. The Hertfordshire based alternative rock project is led by multi-instrumentalist Jacob Powell, and draws inspirations from the likes of Dave Grohl, Gaz Coombes and Mac DeMarco to name a few. Recorded and produced entirely on his own in his garage, ‘White Feather’ is an exciting debut that gives insight into Jacob’s magical future. Released November 13th, the track has been out in world for 3 days and has been on repeat in my household ever since.

Fast paced alternative rock that resonates with the indie rock scene easily, Jacob had this to say on the release, “For me, ‘White Feather’ is a collage of ideas strung together throughout the song. Fundamentally it is about grief; I lost someone very important in my life many years ago, and a white feather became symbolic of this person for me and my family. ‘White Feather’ is me asking for help or guidance from this person, to show me how to progress and have some sort of one-way dialogue with them.” Somewhat lo-fi with it’s engaging production, ‘White Feather’ is complimented with energetic guitars, powerful drum sequences and heartfelt lyrics. A warming debut into the mind of Jacob Powell, ‘White Feather’ is something to be proud of.


Jonny Morgan – Hold On To You

Indie folk singer-songwriter Jonny Morgan releases new single ‘Hold On To You’. No stranger to MoggBlog’s Monday Magic, Jonny was featured back in volume 12. Recorded at Bob Harris’ Under the Apple Tree studios, ‘Hold On To You’ is armed with passionate lyrics, Americana roots and layered textures. Working alongside Whispering Bob’s All-Stars during this year, Jonny was part of the charity single ‘Stand By Me 2020’, which is another spine-tingling release. A relevant track that hits close to home this Autumn, ‘Hold On To You’ breathes certainty and reassurance. Serving as are reminder to hold your close ones extra tight through these dark days, Jonny’s heartfelt music comes in a time of need for the world.

On his new release, Jonny adds, “I originally wrote this song as a Christmas song and you could argue it still is (there are sleigh bells on it!). I toyed with the idea of other songs to finish off the EP, but after the turbulence and uncertainty of this year, a vulnerable love song just felt right.” You can definitely hear the Christmas roots to the track, but the folk based number is prominently guided with hope and can be listened to at any time of the year. The last track from Jonny’s debut EP ‘A Brief Introduction’, Jonny’s future is set in stone as being spell-binding.


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