MoggBlog’s Monday Magic #12

Jude The Obscure – Strong Enough

Manchester based artist Jude The Obscure is creating a refreshing sound within the chaotic noise of the world within new single ‘Strong Enough’. Inspired by the greats of jazz, hip-hop and soul, Jude the Obscure is a multi-instrumentalist with that extra special something. Following a successful year of self-releases in 2019, ‘Strong Enough’ tells the story of having resilience in the face of uncertainty. Jude The Obscure says, “I’m especially proud of this tune. I really feel the music captured the message I was trying to get across on this one. The rhythm section maintains this aggressive, punchy feel throughout, giving the perfect underlay for an energised, driven vocal. At the same time, it still has this uplifting, almost euphoric feel to it when the chorus hits. It was a hard balance to find, but I feel it really came together in the end.”

A track that reflects the importance of looking back and remembering what made us who we are today, ‘Strong Enough’ is truly needed within today’s shade. Entering with a passionate drum sequence, the brass section within this number is hard to be pass. ‘Strong Enough’ is an uplifting track that uses brightly coloured instrumentation to get it’s point across. Balancing the important message of identity and reflection with the empowering arrangement, there’s a sense of joy in the bones of the track. Euphoric and radiating with peace, ‘Strong Enough’ is strong enough and will always be a big contender in Jude The Obscure’s growing discography.


Jess Fitz – Miss Me When I’m Gone

Emerging songstress Jess Fitz releases summer ready single ‘Miss Me When I’m Gone’. Showcasing that time is irrelevant, Jess Fitz may be at the beginning of her career, but the journey ahead is already looking promising. As the final single in at trilogy of releases for this year, her powerhouse vocals are proving to be a certain asset to the constantly changing pop scene. ‘Miss Me When I’m Gone’ is bathed with influence from funk, disco, and electro-pop music. Talking about the track, Jess mentioned, ‘It’s about having feelings for someone but never telling them because you’re scared of rejection. It was an unusual situation for me as I normally prefer being honest with people; I think it takes power to show vulnerability. I think it’s also particularly important at the moment that we speak up loudly for ourselves and others – even when we’re scared to do so.’

‘Miss Me When I’m Gone’ is the kind of track that needs your full commitment. It needs you singing it in the shower, belting into your hairbrush microphone, but most importantly, it needs interaction. A track that you should show your friends during these uneasy times, it’s a journey of different emotions. While engaging with fans as an uplifting summer boost, can you imagine the scenes when Jess Fitz performs this at a live show when all this is over? Iconic Flourishing with sultry verses, memorable choruses and pop-like instrumentation, the overall arrangement of the track will make you feel like you’re sunbathing by a pool in Ibiza. Featuring a dream-team behind the scenes, long-term collaborator and saxophonist Sophia Hall features as well as producer Tony McHugh, and mastered by Stuart Hawkes at Metropolis Studios (Amy Winehouse, Stormzy). Jess’ dazzling performance will certainly become the talk of the town. 


Madison Fiorenza – Fever Dream


Madison Fiorenza releases her delightful debut ‘Fever Dream’. Beginning her journey with no expectations, and just wanting to sing, her growth as a songwriter has blossomed and even surprised herself. Inspired by cross-genres, she’s particular influenced by female vocalists in jazz, soul and rock, proving that she’s done her research and gotten to where she is now with a bit of ‘homework’. Released only 3 days ago, this irresistible track has been on repeat in my household, and it should be in yours too. Glowing itself in a dream-pop essence, it’s hard to pin-point this number to a specific genre. Authentic and refreshing within, what can be, a fake world, ‘Fever Dream’ comes out of nowhere and becomes a prominent part of Madison’s stunning songwriting. Written by Madison and Jacob Harris, “Fever Dream evokes vivid imagery through emotive lyrics exploring themes of dissociation from society and the self.”

The initial demo was recorded on a rainy-day, in a basement studio in Nottingham, in the summer of 2019. While the single creates a melancholic sound plate, the atmospheric vibe gives the number that hypnotic aura it needed. Even though the track is just audio, there’s something visual about it’s imagery. It has the power for you to visualise a story in your head, as the lyrics move on. Armed with original instrumentation, it’s how the vocals enter at the beginning, hollow and ghost-like. Another stand out part of the track is the vibrant ‘James Bond meets Dick Dale’s Miserlou’ guitar tone that left my jaw on the floor, needing to be picked up. Draped in flair and haunting vocals, ‘Fever Dream’ could well be the single that makes Madison Fiorenza’s name in lights. 


Jonny Morgan – Lonely in Soho

4 days ahead of it’s release, ‘Lonely in Soho’ is Jonny Morgan’s latest single. With a number of big moments in his career to date, Jonny has taken to the stage at Glastonbury in 2019, and even supported Turin Brakers, Wildwood Kin and Rob Vincent. Telling the story of a young man in a long distance relationship between London and New York, this Americana meets Folk-Pop wonder will pull at your heartstrings with it’s emotive message. Speaking more in depth on the release, the story unfolds… ‘the young man finds himself sitting in Petrosino Square in Soho, waiting to meet his partner after a 7 hour flights. As the sun is setting, she is getting later and later. The young man, growing more impatient and frustrated, slowly releases that it is only him putting the effort into this relationship.’ Autobiographical and describing the feeling of being the only one committed enough in a relationship, you’d think ‘Lonely in Soho’ would have a vulnerable sound, but think again.

Based around realisation that maybe you’re better off on your own, Jonny Morgan’s mesmerising vocal tone will draw you in with it’s power to tell a story. There’s a whole of empathy buried in the number, putting you completely in his shoes. Combining a ‘human’ sound with the vulnerable arrangement, ‘Lonely in Soho’ is an intense awakening of independence. Hearing a songwriter with his heart on his sleeve, the song’s structure may feel simple, but it’s the subject that highlights complexity and reflection. Poetic and reassuring, the relatable number will feel close to home with many out there suffering from loneliness due to the Pandemic. Out July 24th, this single deserves its own crown and a place on your ‘chilled’ playlist.


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