Momoko Rose – Humans Weep

Gee-long, Australia based folk artist Momoko Rose releases introspetive art piece, ‘Humans Weep‘. Writing from a place of trauma and uneasy revelations, Momoko Rose is an artist able to use music as an escapism. ‘Humans Weep’ is a new direction for the artist, and gives insight to a wonderful career ahead.

Momoko Rose cites that, “I wrote this song in what was the aftermath of an extremely overwhelming family conflict, which caused a complete paradigm shift in my outlook on life. It was a surreal feeling because even though I had clarity and felt better than I had about myself since I was born, I also truly thought that I could not feel or lose any more than I already had at the time.

It’s pretty devastating for anyone to realise that while their childhood obviously had issues (which is normal) it was still not as great as we thought or would have liked it to be. These realisations and sense of loss from everything happening left me breaking down into tears most days, then every week and then every so often until I could regain a sense of stability.

‘Humans Weep’ is available on all major platforms now.


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