Delta Days – Jonny

Delta Days release first single ‘Jonny‘ off their sophomore album ‘Fast Forward’. Recorded at Threshold Recording Studio in Hamilton with Michael Keire, the band’s first release since 2018 is focused and bathed in confidence. Showcasing maturity and independence, ‘Jonny’ is coated with glistening guitar melodies.

Delta Days had this to say on ‘Jonny’, “The song explores the idea of escapism. It suggests that life’s short and running away from your problems will only make things worse. It’s better to live the life you want rather than have your life escape you. In the end all you’re left with what could have been vs. what you have actually done.

Somewhere between indie rock, country and folk rock, the alternative anthem includes impressive vocals, contagious melodies and creative songwriting. If this track is anything like the upcoming album, we’re in for a right treat.


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