Rosalind – Really You’re a Nice Kid

Bewitching Melbourne based singer-songwriter Rosalind returns with her highly-anticipated release ‘Really You’re a Nice Kid‘. About resilience, the pop-rock anthem features memorable vocal melodies and a steady rhythm. Rosalind mentioned, “This is one of my favourite songs I’ve ever written, and as COVID-19 has relegated so many of our relationships online it’s more relevant than ever! We’ve all received the advice ‘don’t look at the negative comments’ but that’s impossible and not at all constructive – we can’t avoid it. I imagine ‘trolls’ can’t be unaffected by the things anonymity allows them to say. In a way, ‘Really You’re A Nice Kid’ is both a love letter to them, and a promise to myself.”

Released August 12th, the thought-provoking single faces online negativity head on with confidence and fight. ‘Really You’re a Nice Kid’ highlights a songwriter oozing with talent, and a delightful future ahead without a doubt.


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