Marie Dahlstrom ft Aligo – Summer Evenings

Marie Dahlstrom teams up with Aligo for soul-pop number ‘Summer Evenings’. Released via JFH Records, the label Marie and her housemates run, the track was produced by DanDiggas (Mahalia).

“This song to me, is about self-love. The theme is about encouraging someone to look inwards and, instead of judging their behaviour negatively, reflect upon the journey with new eyes, without shame or fear. In the second verse I sing: ‘trading my cautious steps for a chance to do my best’ – this line is the song in a nutshell to me. Let go of guilt and fear and you can move freely towards better things.” – Marie Dahlstrom 

Aligo also added, “This video is basically a snapshot of what our household is like on a daily basis haha, not much acting or over dramatising went in to this one, honestly. This song reminds me that things can hold us back at times but when you have a moment to reflect, it’s important to love ones self and how far you’ve come. I think that’s why it’s such a smooth listen and why it was so easy to work on this record, we all needed to hear it at the time.”

‘Summer Evenings’ is taken off Marie’s latest album ‘Like Sand’, and is suited for sharing the good times with your loved ones. 

Score: 5/5


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