Anna Pancaldi – How Do I Live With The Blues

London based singer-songwriter Anna Pancaldi returns with heartfelt new single ‘How Do I Live With The Blues’. A track showcasing Anna’s sincere honesty within her music, the track resides in a soul-pop arrangement.

Anna says, “I wrote this song in LA last year while I was away writing and touring. It came to me sat at my friends piano in Pico Robertson and found I had these words I needed to articulate and share. This is song is written from my version of a broken heart, hoping it reaches those struggling with the moments in life that may have broken theirs. I have always felt my fans are quite special as we share this open space to freely discuss pain, loss and the darker pages in our life’s book”

‘How Do I Live With The Blues’ is a mesmerising soundscape fuelled with genuine lyricism.

Score: 4/5


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