Zulrich born, now London based LAGIOIA is known for her infectious, soulful voice. Released at the beginning of June, β€˜Lord’ is a passionate ballad that showcases itself in a soothing, heartfelt pop arrangement.

Discussing β€˜Lord’, LAGIOIA mentioned, β€œI’ve always been creating music and using songwriting as a way of self-therapy to express inner conflicts and to find resolutions. Lord was created about 2 years ago, when I was feeling quite lost, not knowing what to do in my life and overthinking every single thing. Out of frustration, I sat down once again with my guitar trying to feel better while singing how I feel. The lyrics came quite quickly and helped me heal. 

For me, music had always the impact of making me feel better and safe when I felt down. With Lord I hope that I can help my fans and listeners who are struggling with anything in their life and make them feel more embraced. The emotions and topics discussed in Lord, resemble a journey from feeling lost and fearful to finding hope and self love. We can be quite hard on ourselves and with the cover of Lord, which writes β€œbe gentle to your soul”, I wanted an action and resolution, how you can help yourself be better and feel better, when you’re at this low point of your life.”

β€˜Lord’ is LAGIOIA’s third single to date, and illustrates an iconic part in her journey to stardom.Β 

Score: 4/5


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