Thomas Atlas – Got This Feeling

Thomas Atlas grooves into funk town with his debut single ‘Got This Feeling’ via Gulf Coast Records. Fusing funk with the elegance that soul brings to the table, Thomas Atlas’ distinctive sound is something that needs to be played loud. Released June 15th, the vibrant debut highlights feeling so good while doing things that make you happy, in Tom’s case, making desirable music. Featuring Tom on guitar, bass, vocals and production, the track is guided through with help from Jack Bowles (drums), Bryan Corbett (brass arrangement and trumpet), Sam Rogers (sax), André Bassing (keys), and singer-songwriter Christie Reeves (vocals).

Recorded at Priory Recording Studios, Greg Chandler mixed and mastered the disco number. ‘Got This Feeling’ is the type of track you’d stick on repeat while dancing round your bedroom, trust me, I’ve been doing exactly that ever since it was dropped. A track that will get you through the tough times of lockdown with reassurance that things will get better, the anthem glides through with it’s slick, colourful arrangement. Remember the name Thomas Atlas, he’ll be a guaranteed household hit within the next year.

Score: 5/5


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