MoggBlog’s Monday Magic #9

Continental Breakfast – Home

Berlin based indie-soul trio Continental Breakfast return with their exotic sounding ‘Home’. Drawing inspiration from the neo-soul world with flairs of indie pop in the mix, the band draw influence from the likes of soul legend Bill Withers and bands such as Tame Impala. On their latest release, Continental Breakfast had this to say, “The Single ‘Home’ is a nostalgia trip from the perspective of a person who has lost sight of what “home” means. Is it a place where you were born, or a place where you find comfort? The lyrics are an inner monologue from the singer questioning these thoughts and the hardships one naturally faces when leaving the “comfort zone”.

“Home” weaves through layers of contemporary soul and even experiments with it’s sound throughout. Hard to fully categorise them, Continental Breakfast are the type of band that you want in your life to start your day off the right way. A juicy single that connects with people across the globe, the comforting single feels like a safe haven. A place you can go to when feeling low or something to cherish during the good times, ‘Home’ features a danceable arrangement while holding a thoughtful side that will make you think. An exceptional new release from Continental Breakfast that will leave you with a big smile on your face.


Fold – The Prize

Leeds based collective Fold unleash the irresistible ‘The Prize’ into the wild. Exploring different themes of narratives, poetry and stories into the music, the outfit speak truth throughout their music. Encouraging empowerment and unity within their sound, their jazz-funk meets hip-hop sound oozes with passion. Fold stated, ‘The Prize falls somewhere between War and the jazzier side of Black Sabbath with shades of David Axelrod. It is really about the cathartic energy that builds across the track along with the underlying messages. It carries the same overarching theme throughout our new album: encouraging people to simultaneously exercise as much empathy and critical thinking as possible. A lot of love went into it, we hope you get some out of it.’

“The Prize” is a present given from the band straight to the fans. A blessing during the hard time the world is going through, there’s not a better time to spoil your fans than right now. Echoing a phrase using during the Civil Rights Movement, ‘keep your eyes on the prize’ plays a big part of the track’s core. A necessity that needs to be heard, Fold will become one of your favourite lockdown discoveries if you’re into music that has a soulful head yet jazz meets rock body. Open your heart and let Fold in, they’ll sooth any atmosphere with their phenomenal sound. Set to release a new album at some point, the future looks radiant for Leeds’ favourite collective.


Porcelain – Last Word

Arriving into the electronic world with honesty in their tracks, Porcelain aim to create music outside of boundaries. Created as a counterpoint to society’s obsession with celebrity culture, their image symbolises a wish of not being defined by labels. Armed with faceless mannequins and androgynous dolls, it’s not just their music that’s distinctive. Accompanied by a stop-motion video, the visuals to ‘Last Word‘ illuminate a dark, cinematic approach to the band’s aura. On the new single, Porcelain mentioned, ‘Last Word’ is about the entanglement of two people. A conflict between the finality of the end and the impact of a past that binds them together. It hails a salute to ‘everything’ that once was, beauty, pain, creation and destruction fading out to nothing but the last word. ‘Last Word’ signals Porcelain’s arrival.

Experimental meets alternative, ‘Last Word’ is like something you’d hear in a sci-fi movie on the silver screen. Even though it’s arrangement feels like things are coming to an end with the distinctive ‘last word’ being repeated, this is only the beginning for Porcelain. Set to conquer the electronic/trip-hop world with ease, I won’t be surprised if this outfit get a support slot with Massive Attack in no time. Addressing the progressive world with it’s speculating nature, ‘Last Word’ features a downtempo feel while weaving through universes of darkness. ‘Crack the mirror to your soul’ feels the darkest lyric of them all in this number, but it’s perhaps the most memorable out of the lot. A single escaping labels and being as true to itself as possible, ‘Last Word’ is rare finding.


Queen Frequency & The Twats – Symphony of -tions

Multi-genre rock band Queen Frequency & The Twats incorporate feminism and science fiction into their music. Jumping into the music industry with their unique debut ‘Symphony of -tions’, the freedom within their music has layers of room to breathe. Shapeshifting through realms of empowerment, their psychedelic sound is a spine-tingling take on experimenting with your sound and falling in love with it. On the single, the outfit had this to say, “Symphony of -tions” is also the first chapter of a rock opera-styled album about the demise of Earth. The single sonically portrays a utopian world without rules before its inevitable fall. The song was produced by Freeman Recordings, mixed by 9-time Grammy-winning (mixing) Darrel Thorp and mastered by two-time Grammy-winning (mastering) Andres Mayo.

Each single of theirs functions as a different ‘chapter’ into their upcoming rock opera-styled album. Holding onto themes of femininity and different societal faults, what makes ‘Symphony of -tions’ extra special is, it’s following it’s own path without any help from others. One of the most distinctive things you’ll hear all week, the release is a psychedelic wonder that illuminates pop sensibilities, punk’s careless nature, and a folk-trance without losing their particular sound. A modernised take on dabbling in absurdism and the rules we assign to what constitutes as art, this colourful outfit don’t need no rulebook or guidelines to follow, they’ve got it all under control. Listen to their original sound, and make sure to follow them on social media below.


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