Champagne Girl – Sandpaper Baby

New Orleans based Champagne Girl have recently released their debut album ‘Bogus Euphoria’. Featuring single ‘Sandpaper Baby’, the whole release was recorded at Marigny Studios with Rick Nelson (Arghan Whigs, The Polyphonic Spree). Champagne Girl are an alternative pop trio formed in the fall of 2017. Armed with songs that feel romantic as well as heavy, their influences come from Radiohead and Green Day to name a couple.

On the release, Champagne Girl stated, “Sandpaper Baby” is a tale of a new relationship going awry due to inner turmoil which caused paranoia, jealousy anger, and even an instance of throwing things at walls to put the icing on the cake of a toxic relationship bound for failure.”

Tinged with the sound of 90s, ‘Sandpaper Baby’ is coated with grunge elements. It feels like Bush and The Cranberries jammed and created Champagne Girl. An alternative wonder with folk flavourings in the mix with the exceptional string arrangement. 

Score: 3/5


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